Colegio Hogar Ángeles Custodios – Puerto Rico

Colegio Hogar Angeles Custodios, Inc. is an elementary and secondary school located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The school provides a safe, harmonious, and compassionate environment while offering students different alternatives for their intellectual, moral, educational, and spiritual development. The school promotes education, training, and integral development that involves the individual as a whole. The Celso Muñoz Primary School was just one of many that were affected in the 2017 earthquakes, with the damage caused the school to be condemned until repairs could be made. Partnering with the NGO All Hands and Hearts, Khelo was able to donate funds for a safe, age appropriate play area serving students ages 6-12. The children now have a chance to enjoy a new play structure where many friendships will be forged, memories will be made, and all against the soundtrack of laughter and giggles.