Picaflor House – Peru

Picaflor House Community Project is located in the village of Oropesa, less than an hour from the center of Cusco, Peru. It was established in 2010 and is operated by the British NGO, Globalteer.

Picaflor House is a safe haven for local children, offering both educational and nutritional assistance to children ranging from kindergarten to age 14. The afterschool program provides the children academic assistance and helps with homework. English language classes are taught as well with the hope that the students will have more job opportunities in the future. The children also have free access to healthy snacks and lunch. In addition, Picaflor relieves the burden of older children caring for their younger siblings by providing free or affordable childcare to their working parents. To aid in the goal of providing a safe environment for education and exercise, Khelo donated a playground to Picaflor House in 2019.